VonShef Digital Meat Grinder

The digital stainless steel meat grinder from VonShef has a powerful peak output of 500 watts and features a low noise motor. It comes with a robust stainless steel housing with a removable grinding head and stainless steel knife blade than makes the grinding process much faster.


This meat grinder by VonShef has a digital display window and three cutting plates with various sizes, 0.1 inch, 0.2 inch and 0.3 inch. This digital stainless meat grinder also has additional cutting and stuffing attachments that can be used to make meat or sausage stuffing.

It is also comes with a food or meat pusher that makes stuffing meat into the grinder easier.

The parts of this digital meat grinder are also detachable, which makes cleaning it a snap.

Since the product is made from stainless steel, it is advisable that the parts, when removed for cleaning, be washed with a mild soap rather than a harsh solvent.


The digital stainless steel meat grinder is very versatile. It is best for personal needs, and it won’t take much of your space in the kitchen! The blades of the grinder are very sharp, making grinding very fast, and results with perfectly-ground textures.

This digital meat grinder works perfectly for lean and homemade ground meat, is very easy to use, and comes with a manual. Very useful when you choose to make homemade sausage, the stuffing attachments that come with this meat grinder have their own storage compartment where you can keep them when not in use.

A lot of reviews revolve around the stuffing and making of sausages because this machine is perfectly suited for it.

It can run continuously but also features a pause button than can be used if you need to adjust the input or output. It also features a reverse switch button that can be very helpful if the grinder becomes clogged.

This meat grinder has a low-noise motor; it will make sound while grinding, but compared to other meat grinders this machine is far from noisy.

Things to be Aware of

Although many say that this meat grinder is a true powerhouse when it comes to sausage stuffing, we found some people who are not satisfied with the product. A few reviews said that the food pusher, which is made from plastic, just wasn’t sturdy enough.

On the matter of the food pusher however, it is very important to take note of the volume of the meat you are pushing into the grinder makes a difference; the smaller the volume is, the safer and easier it is to push.

Although it can take a while to grind meat with this model grinder by only pushing small volumes through at a time, it’s the best way to ensure the food pusher functions properly.

Other reviews also said that there are a few flaws with the design of this meat grinder, saying that it can sometimes be difficult to clean when certain nooks and crannies end up filled with waste meat.

However, many have also said that this 2.6 HP meat grinder is said to have the finest, most thoughtful engineering and construction.

Bottom Line

As compared to other meat grinder products, the VonShef digital meat grinder is more inclined to grinding lean meat, but not to the extent of grinding bones. The peak output power of this digital meat grinder is only 500 watts; compared to those grinders with as much as 3000 watts of power, this grinder needs to be handled with care that you don’t overload it.

What is really great about the product that makes it stand out among other meat grinders is the fact that it has a low-noise motor. Many do not want to work with a grinder that is very noisy, so this meat grinder is much better.

While it does have smaller plates, this grinder works best for homemade sausage stuffing, and you won’t get the noise that you usually get from high powered, big plated electric meat grinders.

Also, as compared to other meat grinders, almost all of the parts of this meat grinder except for the food pusher is made from stainless steel, which makes the meat safe from discoloration; there is no chance of getting chunks of metal shaving off into the meat, which other people have experienced with some other meat grinding products.

This digital meat grinder is relatively new to the online market. It has received several satisfied reviews from customers, and has only a few negative ones so far. Comparing this product to other meat grinders, this is one of the best out there overall.

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