The new sausage stuffer from Vivo is designed to make every stuffed sausage a simple and snappy job. It is best designed to make homemade sausages. This sausage stuffer is very affordable compared to other sausage stuffers. This product has been making rounds over the online stores, and has quickly become must-buy sausage stuffer thanks to its attractive.


The Vivo sausage stuffer features an all metal frame and base, plus a stainless cylinder. It also has an aluminum plunger with air release valve technology and has an all metal high-torque gearing.

Because the product is made from aluminum, it can be easily and thoroughly cleaned.

Other features of the product includes a stainless steel cylinder that tilts for convenient filling or stuffing and four different plastic nozzles with various sizes; 10 mm ( 0.4 inch), 20 mm (0.79 inch), 30 mm (1.18 inch) and 40 mm (1.57 inch).


One of the greatest advantages of this product is the fact that the stainless cylinder tilts, making it very easy to use. The overall stuffer is made from metal, unlike many other stuffers – something that will extend the life of the product for much longer than normal.

Another highlight of the product would be the metal piston that has a unique air release valve, allowing air to escape from the top of the stuffer instead of getting injected into the casing of the sausage.

What is good about this sausage stuffer is that it well built, and can last for a long time with proper care. The parts of the stuffer can be disassembled and stowed quickly. The gears of the sausage stuffer operate very smoothly and manageablely, making them very easy to use.

It also has an attached seal on the plunger and that keeps any meat from escaping. The stuffer has a sturdy colored frame that is secured with a stump screw to keep it strongly attached to the crank gear.

This new Vivo sausage stuffer comes in three different model types depending on volume – the three liter, 5 liter and 10 liter model.

Things to be Aware of

One downside of the product are the rubber feet of the stuffer, as some people claimed were not sturdily attached. Additionally the raised label of the product is not strongly attached either.

Another concern was the quality control of the product’s construction itself, from the attached parts there are clear splits of welds, which does not provide for sturdy construction.

Some reviews also noted that the product does not come with any warranty from the manufacturer, leaving the unsatisfied customer with no choice but buying a different sausage stuffer from different manufacturer.

There are different models of meat grinders which provide stuffing accessories that can be bought together – try meat grinders from STX International, if you have problems with the lack of warranty. Products from STX provide a service warranty and even a money back guarantee.

They also have the powerful motors in their meat grinders and their products are known to work perfectly together.

When comparing this product with other meat grinders that do have the ability to stuff sausage casings, I would suggest choosing the latter. There are many meat grinders that offer more accessories and stuffing attachments making the package more multi-purpose.

Although these meat grinders can cost much more than a single sausage stuffer, meat grinders are still good choices – they don’t just grind meat at its finest textures, but are able to create stuffed meat for sausages.

Bottom Line

According to the reviews, this Vivo sausage stuffer does a pretty good job, with manufacturer not providing a warranty, this can be a serious drawback. It still might be better to look into different products that have a warranty, as there could be times where products may not be the same as advertised, and it’s better to be safe than sorry.

It’s just overall better to purchase a product that is backed up with a service or money back guarantee.

On the other hand, this product still has much to be proud of like its aluminum parts, which is actually very rare, as most of sausage stuffers are made from plastics. This one features are all metal construction, which is quite impressive!

However, it is also good to consider different options such as purchasing just a single sausage stuffer, or buying a meat grinder that has a sausage stuffing attachment, making the machine a complete multi-purpose one.