Types of Meat Grinders – Top Three Mincing Machines You Can Buy

A meat grinder is a kitchen appliance used to crush meat. It can either be a standalone machine or an attachment to an upscale mixer or other device. Different types of meat grinders are available, all of them are ideal for processing any kind of meat.

In addition to grinding and mincing, this equipment has the capacity to create packaged meat products. It is a multipurpose kitchen appliance that saves time and money.

What is this equipment made of?

The most durable and reliable types of meat grinders are made of stainless steel. These are heavy-duty appliances that could tolerate daily use over a long period of time. In addition to stainless steel grinders, there are other appliances that are made of metal.

Most appliances, regardless of their construction materials, have detachable parts. These can be cleaned separately and thoroughly to remove bacteria.

Basic components of a meat grinding machine

Meat grinders have four different components. First, they have a pusher and hopper where you can place chunks of meat. The pusher exerts pressure on meat, and pushes it down a feed tube that normally has a tray at the top.

If the tray is large, you can prepare a lot of meat in no time at all. The next part is a screw, and it is the core of any grinder. The work of this screw is to push the meat down the shaft and toward the blades.

The blade and plate/die make an important duo in the process of grinding meat. The blade is sharp-edged, of course, and cross-shaped. It is attached to an arm that rotates against the plate. The plate, on the other hand, tends to be a flat-shaped piece with holes, so when the screw forces a cube of meat into the holes, the blade chops it into small pieces.

Finally, all types of meat grinders have a cover whose main work is to keep the plate and blade steady as they run.

Three main options from which you can choose

Although there many products you can buy, there are three main types of meat grinders you should focus on. All of them can do all your meat processing work, and additionally, they are subdivided into various models. This allows you to choose the product that best suits your needs. These three options are described below.

Manual or non-electric meat grinder

This is the most basic equipment you can buy. It boasts a simple, standard design with just a few moving parts. As a result, the equipment is more affordable than any other. A manual grinder uses your own effort to process meat. A product that has been around since the beginnings of the nineteenth century, a manual meat grinder is very economical. It can be made of stainless steel, tin or epoxy-coated cast iron.

Electric meat grinder

If you love working quickly and accurately, get an electric meat grinder. In addition to having a high processing speed, this appliance can mince a lot of meat in a very short period of time.

Having this equipment is less expensive than using the services of a professional who own industrial types of meat grinders. While it is more expensive than a manual grinder, it is a valuable kitchen tool. Whether you want to grind meat for preparing meatloaf, hamburgers or sausages, an electric machine is the best pick.

It has different components that make it work efficiently, including an extremely powerful motor with a specific wattage, a powerful electric grinder which might have a 200-watt motor, and grinding plates which may be made of any metal, but stainless steel plates are the most common.

These plates can produce coarse, fine or medium ground meat, depending on the settings you use. A good appliance has a sausage stuffing tube used when one wants to make sausages. It might offer reverse and forward operations, too, plus an attachment for a shredder or slicer with up to three blades.

As you might know, the slicer or shredder attachment also allows you to grind items like garlic, fruits, nuts or cheese. There might be an attachment for a coarse shredder for food like vegetables and potatoes.

Commercial types of meat grinders

These belong to professionals who sell meat in any form. Additionally, a person who owns an eatery where minced meat or meat products are in high demand can get a commercial grinder. It grinds a lot of meat at the same time. As a result, the tool saves time and does an accurate job.

Moreover, a commercial mincing machine adds to the profitability of any business that depends on high meat sales. It is, however, more expensive than the two other types of meat grinder,. This equipment is quite a big investment, however, once you buy your grinder, you will recover the entire cost of buying it sooner than you expect.

Top benefits to expect

Freshly-ground meat has a better texture and flavor that packaged minced meat from a supermarket. The latter is usually compressed and needs extra moisture when cooking. This is not the case with home ground minced meat.

All types of meat grinders save you the time that would otherwise be spent in meat stores. If you own this equipment, you can make your own sausages at home. It does not matter whether you love pork, beef, lamb or poultry.

Top grinders can mince any meat regardless of the texture. You can reduce the odds of your ground meat being contaminated if you process it at home. This is unlike pre-processed meat bought from stores. Though the label might say it is beef, the real thing could be a mixture of different kinds of meats.


To save time and money, you can choose any of the three types of meat grinders. Take the time to search for the best equipment on the internet, however, know what you need in a product, and who makes the quality products, as some are substandard. Once you have decided on the right appliance for your grinding needs, purchase it and start processing your own meat at home.


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