Want to buy a meat grinder that is very cheap but very powerful? Want to make grinded meat and even make sausages at home with the use of just one tool?

Why not check out Sunmile’s SM-G31 ETL Meat Grinder Max 1HP 800W? It might be small, but it packs a punch given all the features it has for its users.


According to the company, Sunmile’s Electric Meat Grinder SM-G31 will allow you to grind “generous portions of meats in a short amount of time, quickly and easily”.

This system’s high-power and durable motor guarantees long-time dependability and efficiency even for years to come. Here are some of the features of this meat grinder from Sunmile:

  • It has a 250W rated power and 800W max power capacity which is good for heavy duty meat grinding, especially for homes.
  • It comes with a detachable aluminum tube, screws and stainless steel blades for maximum efficiency.
  • According to the makers, you can grind up to 150 lbs. per hour with this product and you can easily operate it without any problem.
  • You can get full set of accessories with every purchase of a Sunmile device as this comes with 1 stainless steel cutting blade, 3 different stainless steel cutting plates, 1 plastic food pusher and 3 sausage stuffer attachments.
  • This product is also ETL certified, ensuring its top quality and hygiene standards.

User Reviews

Users are divided over  the capacity of this product to deliver the promises to its users given the features and price it has.

Some customers reported that this device is worthless as it is a favorite developing place of bacteria because some noticed that there are no seals in this grinder which would prevent liquids from the food  to enter the motor.

As a result of the lack of seal in the motor shaft, there are residues forming inside the system and eventually cause it to rot and mold. Even if you clean it, there will still be residue in this machine that would affect the quality of the food you grind with this product.

One user also said that this product is very hard to clean, especially if you have just finished grinding raw meat.

The same user also reported that the bearings were already worn out after 20 uses within an 11-month span and throughout these times, he reported a smoky smell as the product grinds and you hear knocking sounds within the system.

One user even reported that he barely used the item as it became clear that the machine has started developing rust in critical areas after one use and that the stainless steel parts were not real, they were only painted as stainless steel.

In one  review, a user reported that the grease inside  the system  can be very hard to take out and eventually, it mixes with  the food you put inside the machine, which is bad for your taste buds.

The customer service is also very poor as the same customer experienced when he asked for  a replacement or refund for the item. Another user also reported the same  issue with this product, not getting any response from the representatives of the company.

On the other hand, users who have managed to use this product well actually say a lot of great things about this product. One user had countered every objection raised by those  who didn’t like this product.

In the claim that loose meat and juices get inside the unit, the user said it is not possible because the entire grinder is secured to the shaft and a seal is actually in place to protect all the parts from any liquid and meat getting inside.

Those who have such complaint might have done something wrong while grinding meat in the grinder. About the rusting of this machine the user said that the best way to prevent it is by cleaning the item with the normal soap and water and then drying it.

One user has suggested that you can spray the cutting parts with cooking oil or mineral oil and then store the steel parts in a plastic bag to prevent moisture.

To prevent clogging the user recommends the use of almost close to frozen meat for grinding in  this machine. To overcome the problem of insufficient instructions the users are recommended to use the Internet which will also remove the problem of parts not fitting the machine as you can easily find parts that will fit this unit.

Another user has claimed  that this grinder can even grind venison without much problem and that the machine remains  quite stable during the whole process.

It is also very easy to set up and clean and it even grinds much faster in comparison to other similar grinders. In one example the user said it can grind 5 pounds of beef in just 2 minutes and you can easily stuff 5 pounds of pork sausage without problem.

The motor, they say, just keeps on grinding without stopping at all so you can keep grinding whatever you may like. They also love the fact this is very cheap and can perform as well as any professional grinder.


Even if Sunmile is a Chinese company, the Chinese know how important food appliances are in daily life and they take it seriously as food making is an art form in China.

If you buy one of their products such as the Sunmile’s SM-G31 ETL Meat Grinder Max 1HP 800W, you are guaranteed of efficiency and quality for your meat grinder for your home.

Save yourself hundreds of dollars in getting sausages and deli products with this machine because you can do it now in your home with this Sunmile!