The all-new, patented STX Turboforce meat grinder features a powerful 2000 watt peak output with three speeds – high, low and reverse. It also has a safety circuit breaker that can be used if the machine ever needs to be stopped immediately.


This STX meat grinder features a quad air cooling system that makes allows it to work well for hours without overheating, extending the life of the product. The grinder has three stainless steel blades that can grind meat into fine, coarse or medium textures and comes complete with five grinding plates. An oversized beaner plate is also included which can be used to stuff sausages.

To complete the package, this STX meat grinder also has additional attachments including three stuffing tubes and a kubbe attachment. The grinder is also packed an oversized size of grinding head compared to other commercial grinders, as well as a bigger pan opening, allowing high volumes of meat to be ground at once.


This unit grinds so much faster than others that it can finish grinding two pounds of meat in just five minutes. Setting up the grinder is also very easy. Its parts, whether small or big, are very easy to assemble together, and cleaning the parts is no problem at all.

Someone who loves to make sausage would find this meat grinder very useful, as it does come with a complete sausage stuffing package, which saves you both time and money. This high powered meat grinder also can grind raw or even frozen meat without artificially altering the texture or even the color of the meat.

Many have found this product to be very pleasing for of its ability to grind meat at a very fast pace, which definitely helps save even more time.

Things to be Aware of

Since this meat grinder has a really high powered motor, it is very noisy. That’s considered a downside by a few of the people who have reviewed this product. Truth be told, the level of the noise is somewhat distracting: others have suggested attaching a noise filter to lessen the sound while grinding.

In comparison, the digital meat grinder from VenShef has a low noise motor, though it’s also a low peak output compared to that of the STX.

Also, a few people have noted that some of the parts of this high powered grinder are not completely made from aluminum from plastic which can sometimes affect the color of the meat.

The same problem has arisen with other STX meat grinders. In fact, some people claim to have found black fluid being mixed up with the ground meat, which could be the result of having a high powered motor meat grinder as this black fluid supposedly seeped from motor housing.

However, this matter can be easily resolved with the help of STX technical support. Some reviews have also noted that the aluminum and steel would turn gray when washed, so it is important to take note that there are parts of the meat grinder which should be washed by hand with mild soap, especially those made from aluminum.

Other than that, many reviews show satisfaction with the product.

Bottom Line

Meat grinders from STX are always backed up with a three year service warranty. This means that when something negative comes up, it is best to contact the STX support team. After all, they have one of the strongest, most satisfactory of customer service reputations.

STX has a reputation for producing high powered meat grinders that come packed with accessories and stuffing materials. STX meat grinders are well known for being powerhouse machines that allow almost all kinds of meat to be ground at peak grinding performance.

As compared to other commercial meat grinding products like the one from VonShef, this STX meat grinder is more powerful and has many uses, including stuffing sausages and making hamburgers, as the digital meat grinder from VonShef is well designed for sausage stuffing alone.

Also, as compared to other meat grinders, this new patented meat grinder from STX has a unique cooling system that many other meat grinders do not have. This air cooling system is found out to be one of the greatest highlights of the product, as it keeps your grinder from overheating after long hours of use. This extends the lifetime of the meat grinder as well.

STX has other meat grinding products that also have high powered motors like the STX Turboforce, which has a 3000 watt peak output power, and has also been reviewed very favorably.

Though STX meat grinders are a bit expensive compared to other commercial meat grinders, it is still a must buy product. After all, with the included accessories and the technology used in this product’s construction makes it worth every dime.