STX-3000 Turboforce Electric Meat Grinder

The STX Turboforce Electric meat grinder features  3000 watts of peak output power. Packed with three speeds – high, low and reverse, this meat grinder also has a circuit breaker for safety purposes.


This STX meat grinder includes high quality accessories needed for grinding, including a  No. 12-sized grinding head, which is much bigger compared to other meat grinders which usually feature a No. 5 or No. 8 sized grinding head.

Additionally, this grinding head also has bigger opening pans to allow larger cuts of meat to be ground easily.

All the parts of the grinding head are made from polished and cast aluminum, which must be kept dry when not in use.

The grinder also comes with three grinding plates which allow any meat to be ground in fine, medium or coarse textures. These grinding plates are made from hardened steel to make the grinding process faster.

Included in the set are also three stainless steel cutting blades which are matched with the grinding plates, engineered to match the output precisely, depending on the texture you need. Meanwhile, the stuffing tubes that are packed with the grinder can be used for a combination of sausages.



This STX meat grinder are made almost exclusively from 100% of polished aluminum. Better than coated aluminum, materials made from polished aluminum are not just unique and attractive in appearance but are easier to clean compared to coated materials.

However, since the grinder parts are polished aluminum, they must be kept dry when not in use and cannot be washed in the dishwasher but instead hand-washed with a mild liquid detergent.

This high powered grinder can run under 600 watts with no load, and about 800 to 1200 watts under full load while grinding meat.

Because this STX meat grinder has a very powerful motor, it is can handle frozen or even raw meats and it still preserve the texture of the ground meat, which is best when used for hamburgers or sausages.

More than that, the grinder can also be used to grind meat or chicken bones to serve as food for pets at home, which is very helpful to many who own a pet that needs to be fed a particular diet.

The grinder has about five to seven parts in total, all of which are very easy to assemble and disassemble when not in use.

Things to be Aware of

However, a few people have said that the STX meat grinder can be very loud when use. Additionally, the tube on the grinder has a tendency to crack.

Some reviews also stressed that not all parts of the grinder where the food would pass through are stainless steel, which can result in some shavings metal becoming mixed up with the ground meet.

Additionally, this means that the grinder needs to be cleaned immediately after use to prevent components from rusting.

Other reviews claimed that there are gears inside the grinder that are not made from steel but plastic, which can sometimes cause discoloration of the ground meat.

As for sausage stuffing, a few said that there meat needed to be cut very fine before being able to be ground into stuffing.

If you’re not satisfied with your STX electric meat grinder, you can always return it to the manufacturer and may still be able to get a 100% full refund if you’ve only had the grinder for nine months or less, which is a rather generous period.

As for other reviews claiming that some parts come broken or missing, the manufacturer welcomes feedback and will go out of their way to assist their customers.

Bottom Line

In the end, the STX-3000 meat grinder receives a notably high number of reviews from many customers, and in keeping with these reviews, this meat grinder is one of the most commonly purchased products for grinding.

Considering that STX has a pretty good track record in grinding meat, I consider this to be really a powerhouse meat grinder compared to others, such as the 2.6HP meat grinder, which only has a 2000 watt peak output power.

This one has been tested and proven to grind almost all kinds of meat, raw or frozen, and can even grind bones without worrying of the machine getting clogged.

It also has a wide array of accessories and attachments, making it an excellent all-in-one product between its  high powered motor, matching cutters and plates, and extra stuffing tubes for making sausage, making this grinder a must-buy!

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