Now that you’re done with grinding the meat, you have to make sure that it is well-seasoned before you cook it. While doing so manually is ok, it can be very tiring. Luckily for you, there are meat mixers that are made to mix meat properly without the mess of cleaning your hands and your countertop.

Best Meat Mixers Summary Table - see reviews below

Comparison of meat mixers for household kitchens.

Hakka Stainless Steel Meat Mixer
Multiple sizes available:
20 pounds manual
40 pounds manual
60 pounds manual
80 pounds manual
100 pounds electric
120 pound electric

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LEM Products Meat Mixer
20 poundsFind the best price on Amazon

Weston Stainless Steel Meat Mixer Large
44 poundsFind the best price on Amazon

Weston Stainless Steel Meat Mixer Standard size
20-22 poundsFind the best price on Amazon

Sportsman MHMIX Stainless Steel Meat Mixer
4 gallons - 17 poundsFind the best price on Amazon

CHARD MM-102 Meat Mixer
20 poundsFind the best price on Amazon
4.2 gallons - 20 poundsFind the best price on Amazon

Our Top Pick

Hakka 20 lbs Tank Stainless Steel Manual Meat Grinder

Mixing more than 10 lbs of meat? Well, the Hakka mixer comes in sizes to suit everyone.

You can get the standard 20 pound (10 liter) tank. But if you prepare meat in large batches and want to save time, there are several other sizes available too.

Sizes available are:

  • 20 pound / 10 liter MANUAL mixer
  • 40 pound / 20 liter MANUAL mixer
  • 60 pound / 30 liter MANUAL mixer
  • 80 pound / 40 liter MANUAL mixer
  • 100 pound / 50 liter ELECTRIC mixer
  • 120 pound / 60 liter ELECTRIC mixer (WOW! That’s a lot of meat.)

All sizes are of quality construction using rust-resistant stainless steel. They are tough, reliable and operate smoothly.

Cleaning this  up is a breeze and it even has a removable paddle and rubber feet.

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Best Meat Mixer Reviews

Weston Stainless Steel Meat Mixer, 44 Pound Capacity

Are you a heavy user of meat grinders but you do not know the best way to mix them up with herbs and spices without getting completely messy? Well, why not get yourself this Weston Stainless Steel Meat Mixer.

It can hold up 44 pounds of grounded meat and you can remove the paddles that allow you to mix it properly as you use the tumbler so you can clean the whole box easily.

What’s great with this mixer is the fact you can connect it to your Weston electric meat grinder if you already have one. Better get this mixer to complement your meat grinder  because it will give your counter a more complete  look.

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Sportsman MHMIX 4-Gallon Stainless Steel Meat Mixer

Seasoning your grounded meats need not to be hard because you can always mix it easily with a meat mixer and you can begin with this Sportsman’s Series 4 Gallon Stainless Steel Meat Mixer.

Whether you are just mixing ground pork or fowl or wild meat, this is capable of mixing up to17 lbs of meat each and every time. It is also very durable thanks to its stainless steel make and you can use this for a long period of time.

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Weston Stainless Steel Meat Mixer 20 Pound Capacity

If Weston makes some of the world’s best known kitchen gadgets, they also make the best complementary gadgets for their main line. In this case, they have made a steel meat mixer that can mix up to 20 pounds of ground meat, allowing you to season it easily thanks to the entire system.

It even has a spice slot in the cover so you can mix your meats and add spices as it tumbles along. Like its counterparts, it is also very easy to clean thanks to its stainless steel frame and it is also very durable  and all-weather unit so you do not need to worry about it getting rusted or damaged.

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LEM Products Stainless Steel Manual Mixer

LEM Products’ 654 Stainless Steel Manual Mixer is another investment you should make if  you are fond  of grinding meats of all varieties.

This stainless steel manual mixer can handle 20 pounds of grounded meats and can mix it in a matter of minutes.

It comes with a steel hopper and mixing paddles which would make mixing more efficient. It is also guaranteed to be easy to clean and rust-resistant. You can never go wrong with this system as it also matches with your other LEM Products.

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Kitchener 4.2-Gallon Stainless Steel Meat Mixer

This stainless steel meat mixer is a perfect tool for hunters who like to ground their hunt meat or even  for home use. This meat mixer can hold up to 17 lbs. of meat thanks to its 4.2-gallon tank capacity.

It is also very durable  and very easy to clean. You just turn the crank up and let it mix the meats for you. It comes with a clear cover which would allow you to see just how your meat is being mixed and you can use the small gaps on the covers to season your meats as it tumbles along.

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CHARD MM-102 Meat Mixer with Stainless Steel Hopper, 20-Pound

If you are fond  of sausage making and that too in huge quantities, this meat mixer is something you should consider because it does have the capacity to  mix up to 20 lbs  of grounded meat without  hassle.

The steel hopper inside the system would allow you to mix large batches without stopping, and scooping is also made easy. You can also put in spices as you tumble the whole system thanks to the clear hopper cover of this system.

This is also very stable thanks to the non-skid pads in the foot of this mixer so you do not have to worry about it moving around as you mix.

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TSM Products 20 lb. Capacity Meat Mixer

TSM Products include  their own meat mixer which you can use in your home with the advantage of its see-through lid.

You can remove the crank and its other features to make it easy to clean and you can mix 20 lbs of meat in just 5 to 10 minutes. It is advisable the use mix at least 10 lbs when using the product to get the best mixing results from this meat mixer.

This unit is also very good for wild meats and venison so get one if you are a hunter or just someone who loves to make tons of ground meat for all occasions.