Are you a pet owner and want make your own raw or BARF diet for your pet? Why not pick a meat grinder that can help you grind bones too? Adding raw carcasses or bones actually helps your pets in maintaining their diet.

However, making your very own BARF diet for your pet can be difficult, especially if you do grind the bones, as not all meat grinders can grind bones properly.

Even if the motor is powerful enough for the job, it may not be enough to fully grind bones and the warranty may not cover it once the act is done.

A number of great meat grinders are available in the market that can actually grind bones without much hassle or problems for your machine.

For those on a budget but want a very sturdy heavy duty meat grinder,  simply choose #12 grinders as these grinders have 2-inch openings that can fit in meats and bones easily.

However, you may need to cleave the chicken leg, depending upon how big it is, before putting it inside the machine.

One of the most economical, high quality products that you can choose without hesitation is STX International’s brand of meat grinders. Three of STX’s grinders which are great for bones are: STX Turboforce 3000, STX Megaforce 3000 and STX Magnum 1800.

While some  customers have said  that their STX grinders are not that well-suited for grinding bones, there many users that have given several useful tips on how you can effectively grind bones with an STX grinder.

What’s remarkable about these STX grinders is that each one of these machines costs less than $200 and each product has tons of great reviews about its efficiency.

STX International also as amazing customer support should you find yourself having problems with your STX meat grinder in any way.

While the warranty still has several areas that say nothing about grinding stuff other than meat, many would swear by this product, especially those who want to make good pet food.

Sunmile also has a great selection of heavy duty meat grinders that can grind bones and aren’t very expensive.

The most notable one is SM-G50 which is very efficient in grinding bones of rabbits and chickens without a problem. It is even cheaper than the STX grinders and other well-known brands in the market that can grind bones.

However, if you can go all-out for a meat grinder and are ready to invest a hefty sum, get grinders which are around 22 or 32 size as this would pretty much make the meat grinding with bones faster and efficient.

For chicken bones, try out LEM’s or Weston’s #22 or #32 grinders  as these models are capable of handling larger parts due to their larger feeding tube and their powerful motors can cut chicken legs like paper.

The same goes for turkey wings and necks. You don’t even have to cut them into small pieces just to get them fitted inside the feeding tube.

LEM and Weston’s #22 or #32 grinder models have 1 to 1.5 horsepower motor each and they have fully stainless steel parts and frame for extra strength and durability. LEM also claims that their small and large grinders are approved to grind chicken bones by the authorities.

For Weston, they say that grinding bones will actually void its warranty, but pet owners who purchased their machine say that they use Weston’s large models for their pet’s diets.

Aside from these good models of meat grinders that can grind bones too, here are some others you can try out for your home,  be it for your meals or for your pet’s diet!

STX-4000 TB2 Turboforce II Quad Air Cooled Black Electric Meat Grinder and Sausage Stuffer

The newest addition to the STX grinder series is this unique 4000 Turboforce  meat and bone grinder. The manufacturers call this “a Beauty and a Beast” as it is the newest variant of their strong meat grinder series and features futuristic designs that  matches  your modern appliances and, at the same time, still has a beast of a system to grind the toughest meats and bones you can put in it.

Users have been bowled over by  this system as it has performed flawlessly since they bought it.

Weston 575 Watt Electric Heavy Duty Grinder

Weston’s electric heavy duty grinder has gained the support of many pet owners due to its capacity to grind meat and bones without any hassle or difficulty.

This system has all the usual stuff you may want for a small and compact meat grinder, such as changeable steel grinding plates and sausage funnels. Users have reported that they were able to quickly grind full chicken leg quarters without having to cut them into pieces.

Hakka Max 1.3HP #12 Powerful Meat Grinder

Do not let this small meat grinder fool you because while it is cheap and small, it has a 350W motor with a maximum power of 1000W that can grind 200 lbs. per hour.

It is made of stainless steel and comes with the usual accessories that you get in home meat grinders. Users are very pleased with this system even though it is a new entrant in the market.

They say they it works flawlessly  when it comes to efficiency and continuous operation of the system.

Waring Pro MG855

Waring has made  a name for itself in the meat grinding business and one of their heavy and professional meat grinders has been attracting steady following for quite some time, especially from pet owners who want to make their own raw food for their pets.

The 350-watt motor can grind almost anything in any texture and meats of all varieties.