Consumers are now starting to understand the value of purchasing cost-effective appliances for their kitchen. Many leading studies show that some meat grinder brands are becoming more popular these days because of the tremendous value they can provide in the kitchen. By using this convenient kitchen appliance, you can save a significant amount of money throughout the entire year.

Meat grinders are wonderful kitchen appliances that give consumers the opportunity to process meat at home without the aid of a professional butcher. This is great for anyone who does not have the means of covering the costs associated with getting help from an experienced butcher at a meat market. Experienced butchers are notorious for charging high prices for their services.

It is imperative to point out that meat grinders can also help prepare your meat for the food preservation process with ease. This will help increase the chances of your meat being preserved for a longer period of time.

There are many meat grinder brands being sold on the market today. The overall process of buying a meat grinder involves addressing several important questions. Let’s take a quick look at them.

  • How often do I grind meat?
  • How much space do I have for a meat grinder?
  • Do I need a meat grinder with special features?
  • How much money should I spend on a meat grinder?

You’ll discover that there are all types of grinders being sold by retail stores. Some models are small and some models are pretty big. Some have special features that are appropriate for people who are focused on processing a large amount of meat on a daily basis.

Meat grinders are available in electric and manual versions. The manual version is less expensive, but you will not be able to get as much done when compared to the electric version. This is due to the fact that a manual version requires you to use a crank. An electric version uses a powerful motor that works extremely fast. The manual version is your best option if you are not going to use your grinder daily. The electric version is your best option if you plan on processing a lot of meat.

As stated earlier, there are many meat grinder brands being sold today. Let’s take a look at some that may be ideal for your home:

LEM Products .75 HP

The LEM Products .75 HP grinder offers the ideal blend of power and affordability. This brand is priced like the low-powered models, but it has a very strong motor that can grind various types of meat with ease. The motor’s extra power ensures that your grinder never gets stuck during the process. This exceptional meat grinder can get through over 300 pounds of meat in less than an hour.

This unit is solid and durable. It weighs close to forty-seven pounds. It has high-quality metal gears and materials. It is easy to use, attractive, and dependable.

Waring Pro MG855

The manufacturers of the Waring Pro MG855 did an exceptional job of combining good looks and functionality. The MG855 is ideal for creating all forms of ground meat. It has a powerful motor that will help you get the job completed in a short period of time. The MG855 comes with an impressively huge meat hopper. The large meat hopper makes it easy for one to feed a large amount of meat into the grinder with ease.

The MG855 is suited for people who want to grind their own food like an experienced butcher. This grinder is simple to use, and it comes with three cutting plates of different sizes. You can use the plates to customize your grind for various recipes and different food textures.

Sunmile SM-G31

The Sunmile SM-G31 was created for consumers who need a basic electric grinder. The SM-G31 is fully functional, and it’s great for people who are not interested in commercial grinding. This model has a 1 horsepower engine that can quickly grind a moderate amount of meat.

The Sunmile can be used by anyone who does not have any experience with using a meat grinder. Simply turn the unit on and place your meat inside of it. You are not required to go through a complicated process.

The SM-G41 is a compact grinder that provides excellent results. Many owners of the SM-G31 love its design and simplicity. This brand holds its own when compared to other meat grinder brands.

Norpro Meat Grinder

The Norpro Manual Grinder is for consumers interested in grinding their own meat without the using an electric model. This convenient grinder is suitable for those who don’t need to grind up large quantities of meat at one time. The Norpro is also has a pasta-making tool. It performs many functions, and since it is manual, you never have to worry about motor breakage or an electrical malfunction.

The Norpro is a simple meat grinder, but it offers many features. You can use the Norpro to grind baby food, make bread crumbs, pâtés, veggies, nuts, and many more things. This unit has two grinding plates so that you can choose the texture of your meat. The unit’s suction cup can be attached to your table or kitchen counter top to give you stability when you grind your meat.

Waring MG105

The Waring MG105 is a reasonably priced unit which is ideal for meat grinding. This low-priced unit can grind a large amount of meat with ease. The stainless steel housing of this model will go with any kitchen decor. The MG105’s motor can grind large quantities of meat extremely well.

The MG105 comes with 3 sharp cutting blades, 2 sausage attachments, and an easy-to-use on and off switch. This model can be switched into reverse if meat gets stuck in the grinder. At its price, the MG105 provides tremendous value.

The meat grinder is a convenient appliance for anyone who enjoys processing meat in their own home. There are many meat grinder brands being sold today so it is vital that you select a brand that will be suitable for your needs. The meat grinder brands listed above should be taken into consideration if you want a durable meat grinder that will perform well in your kitchen.