First-time users of meat grinders are often unaware of the importance of the size of grinder blades. Others even ignore the grinder blades available in the market which would fit a specific use.

In order to be aware  of the size of your grinder,  just measure  the distance across the center of the grinder plate and then use the chart below. Always remember to measure the plate and not the knife.

Grinder Size

Plate Diameter

#5 2 1/8”
#8 2 1/2″
#10/#12 2 3/4”
#20/#22 3 1/4″
#32 3 7/8”

Once you find out  what are your grinder’s size and the plate diameter, the next step is to decide what kind of blade you want for your grinder. Should you get a stainless steel one or a carbon steel one?

It is best to get a stainless steel blade or plate  if you are buying a replacement or an additional feature for your meat grinder.

It can last three times longer than its carbon steel counterpart and it doesn’t rust that easily. The only problem of getting stainless steel is the fact it is not dishwasher-safe and surface rust can easily happen if you are not careful.

Experts recommend that you should change the plate and the blade together even if only one of them is damaged in any way unless you are using a hubless plate and the other side is not damaged.

Here are some of the available meat grinder blades on sale, their sizes and the brands they work well with:

Smokehouse Chef Meat Grinder Knife Blade Size 12

Butcher-Baker’s meat grinder blades are good for any grinder which has a 2 ¾” diameter grinder disc capacity or if it is size #12 for either manual or electric grinders.

These two stainless steel meat grinder blades are 3/8” tip-to-tip and 3/8” thick and it’s the same size for the square hole. Everyone who buys this set is guaranteed a lifetime no rust warranty.

It is also a good fit for LEM Cabelas Hobart Grinder if you are having problems finding a replacement blade for it.

Alfa #12 Meat Grinder Knife

Looking for a good Hobart grinder blade replacement or anything that is good with size #10 or #12 meat grinder? Why not check out Alfa’s #12 meat grinder knife.

The blade is made in Germany by one of the top names in hard tool creation in the country. The company promises that this blade will last four times longer than most blades and it is very durable and superior in quality.

Sunmile Meat Grinder Cutting Blade for SM-G31/SM-G33/SM-G35

Have  you damaged the cutting blade of your SM-G31/G33/G35 meat grinder? Worry not, as Sunmile has a replacement for you. This cutting blade is made of stainless steel and would cut pretty much anything in its path once you install it in your meat grinder.

KryoForge Size #32 Hobart Style Meat Grinder Knife Blade

KryoForge is known for their top notch blades and they are guaranteed to be of high quality as well as durable to any chips and tears. This knife blade would fit any #32 meat grinders like Hobart, Chop-Rite, Alfa, Tor-rey and others.

This blade is also from Germany and is promised to last four times longer than other cast steel blades currently available in the market.

Smokehouse Chef Meat Grinder Knife Blade Size 22 Two Pack

This offering from Butcher-Baker features a good Size #22 swirl design blade which is good for electric or manual meat grinders. It is made of stainless steel and  has hard sharp edges.

It promises a no-rust guarantee for  lifetime and would go well with grinder plates that have 3 3/16” diameters.

Salvador-Salvinox #12 Grinder Knife

This stainless steel blade made by Salvador-Salvinox is good for #12 size meat grinders. The blade is made in Italy and it comes individually per piece in a shrink-wrap on a cardboard to make sure nothing happens to it during shipment.

Smokehouse Chef 12 x 3/8-inch Set Meat Grinder Plate and Knife Set

Since it is ideal to replace your blades and your grinding plates together, you should try getting them in one set. This one by Smokehouse Chef comes with a #12 size (2 ¾” diameters) grinding plate and a swirl design sharp knife.

If you buy one now, Smokehouse will send it immediately to your home and you get a no-rust lifetime guarantee!

Oster Replacement 22882 Star Blade

If you own an Oster grinder, you would need a different meat grinder blade due to the different requirements Oster has. This Star Blade would fit most of Oster’s grinder models and its Kitchen Center Grinder variants.

Avan-Pacific #8 Stainless Steel Meat Grinder Sausage Knife/ Cutting Blade for UMG-1801

This exclusive size #8 stainless steel blade for Avan-Pacific’s UMG-1801 Meat Grinder is dishwasher safe, making it very easy to clean up in comparison to other stainless steel blades that can gather rust if you put them in a dishwasher.

KWS Commercial Electric Meat Grinder Cutting Blade/Meat Grinder Knife Size 22

This meat grinder blade is perfect for KWS Meat Grinder ME-22 model, but you may also put this blade in any size #22 grinder with round plates with 3 3/16” diameters.

However, the company promises that the blade is made of the highest quality stainless steel and is good for heavy commercial use.

Sharp-Tex’s Size #22 Hobart Style Meat Grinder Knife Blade

If you own any size #22 meat grinder you can use this blade which is also common for brands like Hobart, Chop-Rite, Bosch, Alfa and many others.

The blade is made in Germany by the company known as Hard Tool Steel. It is promised to last four times longer than the regular cast steel blades used in meat grinders.

You can also fit this in size #20 meat grinders but better check the measurements before you do!