Meat Grinder Attachments

Contrary to popular opinion, there are some appliances that you can use for two different functions aside from their original purpose. Meat grinders, for example, can be transformed into sausage makers, mincers and many other things.

However, you need to be familiar with the available attachments you can use with your meat grinder in case it does not come with attachments or only performs  one major function. You also have to check if the attachment is suitable for your meat grinder, so be careful.

Here we list some of the attachments that are available in the market.

Weston Automatic Rapid Patty Burger Maker Meat Grinder Attachment

While grinding beef or pork, it would be cool if the machine would also help you form patties without problem. As your Weston or any grinder grinds the meats, this attachment would make patties without any problem.

You can attach this attachment to any meat grinders with a #8 to #32 size and you can even put it on most sausage stuffers if you have a separate sausage stuffer or sausage stuffer attachment. This attachment has five adapters and it comes with  one-year warranty.

Weston 07-3201-W-A Aluminum Meat Cuber and Tenderizer Attachment

Do you own a Weston Commercial Electric Meat Grinder? Why not get this attachment set which would allow you to tenderize the hard meat as you grind it?

The tenderizer blades would allow you to cut meats and make sure they are nice and tender when you cook them. You also get a stainless steel comb to ensure that the meat would not get jammed in the system.

The attachment also has a meat cuber function to transform meat into cubes. You can easily disassemble this attachment in order to clean it thoroughly.

Weston Meat Cuber/Tenderizer Attachment

This is another meat cuber and tenderizer attachment from Weston which is good for their electric meat grinder varieties, namely 08-0801-W, 08-1201-W, 08-2201-W, 08-3201-W.

You can tenderize tough beef cuts and make cube steaks with the attachment once you plug it in your meat grinder. It can also cut meats up to 0.75” thick. The company does say that this attachment should only be used indoors.

Weston 33-0822 Heavy Duty Grinder Shredder Slicer

This 5-piece attachment kit from Weston is good for their 33-0101-W, 33-0201-W or for their heavy duty grinders currently in the market.

You get 3 stainless steel cutting drums which are good for cutting cheese, fruits and vegetables, fine shred coleslaws and others, and do coarse shredding with your system. It also has a slicer in the set so you can easily slice your cheese, fruits and vegetables.

SunmileKubbe Attachment for Meat Grinders SM-G70/G73

You savor Middle Eastern dishes and you own a Sunmile meat grinder? You need to get yourself a kubbe or koubba/kibbeh attachment so you can make that tasty dish that has lamb inside a wheat shell.

This Kubbe Attachment for SM-G70 or G73 model includes 2 sets of kubbe attachments just in case you damage one of them.

As this  attachment is made of plastic you can easily clean it  to ensure that it will be usable for other  purposes.

Ankarsrum Original White Complete Meat Grinder Attachment Set

Do you own an Ankarsrum meat grinder? You would need this complete attachment set which has everything you may need for your meat grinder.

All  attachments included in this system are made of aluminum and white plastic, making them long lasting in case you would not use the others simultaneously.

Included in the set is a grinder attachment with 2.5, 4.5, 6 and 8 mm hole cutting disks, a feeder table, plug, splash guard, strainer, grater, pasta discs, cookie attachment and a sausage horn. Each of these attachments can be used for meats of various kinds and even dough.

LEM Products Patty, Jerky & Snack Stick Maker

If you own LEM Products’ Meat Grinders #5, #8, #12, #22 or #32, you would love this attachment very much. With this attachment, you can make ½ x 4-inch-wide patties without adding additional plating.

The additional plates included in the attachment set would allow you to make larger patties, jerky strips and snack sticks. You also get meat shears so you can cut the jerky sticks or snack sticks, or just cut meat as you like. The set also includes 1 roll of paper and a 16-inch chute for the meat.

LEM 433TJ 2-in-1 Jerky Slicer and Tenderizer Attachment

LEM has released a super unique attachment that would allow you to make jerkies and other tender meat items. The attachment would help you cut the meat into 15 slices which you can pop in the oven or dehydrator.

It also has a tenderizer function in the shaft that would allow you to cut the meat better. The entire attachment is power-coated aluminum, allowing easy cleaning. It is important  to remember that this attachment is only for LEM’s Stainless Steel Grinders.

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