Meat Grinder Accessories

When using a meat grinder you have the options of  how you want the meat to be ground by the machine. Some machines come with their own specialized meat grinder accessories that allow you to use your grinder efficiently.

However, if you have bought a meat grinder without accessories or if you want to try out other styles for grinding and sausage making you can do it with the help of accessories easily available in the market.

Here are some of the good meat grinder accessories currently available for your convenience.

Avan-Pacific Meat Grinder Universal Sausage Stuffing Tube/ Sausage Maker

If you are looking for  a specific accessory for your meat grinder that will allow you to stuff sausages and, at the same time, it is  not heavy on  your budget, try out Avan-Pacific’s Universal Sausage Stuffing Tube/Sausage Maker accessory.

The set comes with a stuffer for #5, #8, #12 grinder stuffing tubes and it can make three types of outputs, 19.6mm-7/9 inch, 17.1mm-2/3 inch & 11.3mm-4/9inch.

This set is very safe for dishwashers. It is made of plastic so you would find it very easy to clean and use again, no matter how many times you want to make sausages.

LEM Products Meat Grinder Accessory Kit

Get the most out of your LEM Products Meat Grinders with this accessory kit that would allow you to maintain your meat grinder’s top notch capacity and experiment with it.

The kit comes with a ground meat packaging system to make sure you can store your grounded meat even while outdoors, a grinder food switch to make sure you can operate the machine with just a tap of your  finger, and the grinder cleaning kit.

The cleaning kit includes a 2 ½” diameter brush for cleaning the head of the system, five small brushes to clean the grinding plates and stuffing tube and an 11 Oz can of food grade silicone spray to make sure your grinder remains lubricated and rust-free.

Sunmile Tube Set Replacement for Meat Grinder SM-G31/G33

Have you damaged your Sunmile SM-G31 or G33 meat grinder for any reason? Don’t worry, as you can now easily repair or replace the damaged parts by purchasing this Sunmile Tube Set Replacement Accessory Kit.

This set has a full tube replacement for the aluminum  upper, feed screw, cap, and cutting blade and plate. You do not need to use all of them simultaneously.  Use these parts as and when required.

Butcher-Baker Size #12 Nine Piece Combo Set

Want a universal accessory kit for your meat grinders;  may it be Hobart, LEM, MTN and others? Check this one by Butcher-Baker which can fit size #12 meat grinders, both electric and manual.

When you buy this set, you will get three #12 sausage tubes, cutting plates and cutting knives. The plates are 2 ¾” in diameter. The sausage tubes included in the kit have the following sizes: 7 ¼”, 7/16”, ¾” & 1 ¼” diameter.

The cutting plates are 1/8”, 3/16” and ½” in diameter. You also get a stuffing disc for this set.

LEM Products Ground Meat Packaging System

Once you are done with grinding the meats in tons of ways with your LEM Products Meat Grinder, it is time to pack everything, especially if you are outdoors or if you want to store it for future use.

This meat packaging kit has the bag taping machine which is carefully designed to ensure you do not cut the tape or the bag badly,  one roll of poly bag tape and 50 1-pound wild game bags.

An instruction manual is included in the kit in order for you to know just how you should pack your grounded meat.

Standard Meat Tamper (9″)

No matter what safety features a meat grinder has, if you are not careful, you might find yourself in danger if you do not make sure the meat is securely pushed down in the grinder.

Using this LEM Standard Meat Tamper will allow you to save your hands and fingers from the main feeding tube and its moving parts.

Sunmile Set of 3 Pasta Makers for Meat Grinder SM-G31/G33

Meat grinders can actually serve also as pasta makers if your meat grinder is compatible with such activity. Sunmile’s SM-G31/G33 models can make pasta and if you want to make different kinds like macaroni, lasagna and vermicelli pasta, you need to get this pasta maker set from Sunmile.

You only need to attach it to the meat grinder and let everything fall in place.

Smokehouse Chef 6-pc set replacement knife and discs

This universal replacement knife and discs would be good for Waring Pro, Kalorik, Sunmile, Oster, Rival, and Back to Basics meat grinders.  Four items of this six-piece set are meat grinding plate textures;  one is a 2-hole sausage stuffing disc and a stainless steel knife.

The makers say this is a good replacement kit to have for those who own small electric meat grinders. It is advisable to check if your grinder’s size conforms to the holes’ sizes and diameters.

Sunmile Hopper Plate for Meat Grinders SM-G31/G33/G35/G70/G73

Did you by any chance destroy your hopper plate or did it get damaged over time? You can easily replace it by purchasing a new hopper plate.

This hopper plate from Sunmile is made of aluminum, promising durability no matter how long your grinder has to work and how much meat it has to hold.

LEM Cover

If you own an LEM cover and you want to make sure that it is kept from dust and moisture that may affect the sensitive parts of the grinder, you need a good cover for it.

This LEM cover is made of heavy duty vinyl that is very easy to clean and it would fit the following models: #648 fits .25 HP .35 HP & .75 HP Grinders.

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