How to Make Ground Beef Hamburgers

Almost everyone loves to eat hamburgers, but not everybody is good at making one. Learning to make a perfect hamburger is an interesting process to master, and in fact it’s not that hard: when it comes to the burger patty itself, making a hamburger is not as easy as one, two and three.

Homemade Ground Beef vs. Store Bought

First, it is very important to take into consideration the kind of meat you would want to use. It is also good to consider making ground beef on your own. Of course, you might think that buying ground beef from a supermarket could at least work – it certainly can, but making ground beef on your own might be a better idea.

A lot of people think you could just use just a sharp knife and begin cutting the beef into pieces, eventually chunking it to start the process. While this can be advantageous because you can estimate the size of the chunks of your ground beef, if you’re planning to make burger patties, this manual meat grinding process is going to be difficult and time-consuming.

Rather than making ground beef with a knife, it is best to use a meat grinder. Let the meat grinder do the work, as it grinds the beef into its finest texture possible and can easily save you hours when compared to manually grinding the beef.

Also, homemade ground beef is far better than the meat being sold at the supermarkets, as making ground beef at home is all under your control such as the texture and how fine you want the ground beef to be.

Choosing the Right Meat Grinder

Now, if you happen not to own any meat grinders, and would want to make your own hamburgers from scratch at home, it is best to purchase a meat grinder that can help you carry out the task. There are a few affordable meat grinders out there that that have powerful motors and come with useful accessories for meat stuffing or even making burger patties.

If you’re looking into buying a meat grinder, try to look at machines that are not just affordable, but most especially made from aluminum and offers easy set up. Always take time to do your research and read over some meat grinder reviews, as this can help a lot in choosing the right meat grinder for you.

If you worry that a particular meat grinder might not take your preferred size of beef, you can always choose a meat grinder that offers different sets of interchangeable cutting blades, which usually range from fine, coarse or medium grinds.

Before Making the Ground Beef

Remember that it takes a good ground beef to make a tasty hamburger, and it takes good meat grinder to do that. As said, there are many things to consider in making hamburger meat. For example, if you have a lean meat that is ready for grinding, you would want to chill your meat first before putting it into the meat grinder.

Why is chilling important? Well, when your meat is chilled, it will give you a very good texture – a clean grind texture, according to some meat grinder reviews. Chilling both the meat and grinder can also help spread the fats evenly throughout the entire ground beef. Chilling does not mean that you have to totally freeze the meat; partially freezing it is more than enough, as this will keep the natural moisture intact.

After chilling, you might also consider cutting the beef into about 1 inch cubes before putting in into the grinder. This will help the grinding process finish in a snap, and also it will save your meat grinder from getting clogged since you’re not trying to stuff large volumes of meat in it.

When you have chilled your meat before grinding, you can expect a light and somewhat moist texture of grind. This is good, as you will know that once you got the patty shaped, the beef won’t break apart.

Remember you do not have to be a meat expert to start making your own homemade ground beef hamburgers. All it takes a good meat grinder and a great choice of meat.

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