Are you a sausage lover and fond of experimenting in your own home to find that perfect sausage? Why not get yourself a meat grinder that can help you experiment easily without needing to buy those expensive meat grinders?

Gourmia has a solution for you and it is their GMG-400 PrimePro Electric Meat Grinder Mincer with 2 Grinding Plates and Reverse Function.

It’s small, affordable and pretty much everything you would want for a meat grinder at home. Let’s check out its features, shall we?


For the price of around $90 with free shipping if you buy it at Amazon (with a few dollars in addition if you want the warranty), you get several unique features with your Gourmia GMG-400 which you may like once you start making your very own recipes.

Here are some of the features of this incredible product that you may not easily find in other machines with the same price!

  • Comes with exchangeable stainless steel grinding medium and fine plates for any specific grinding feature or texture.
  • It is powered by a 400 Watt electrical motor and can produce ground or minced meat by up to 3LB.
  • It also comes with its detachable metal food tray so you can easily scoop your minced or ground meat. It also has nonslip rubber feet to make it easier to move if needed.
  • You can change the cutting attachments included in this meat grinder as it comes with 3-piece sets of sausage and kibble attachments.
  • You need not to worry about cleaning your meat grinder because this comes with a reverse switch that prevents jamming and pushes the meat upward again to the feeder for grinding, a locking knob to make sure the meat stays in place and not return upward which creates air pockets, and a plastic food pusher to make sure that meat is nicely minced or ground.


Users are  divided over  this product’s usability as a perfect meat grinding and mincing machine for home.

On the one hand, some customers have warned to be careful while  buying this product because they feel it has several faults which you discover only when you use it.

One of them noticed that the entire machine is made of low quality parts upon closer inspection as some noticed bubble holes on the steel nuts that caused some meat to be caught while grinding.

It is also not very easy to clean when they do get stuck in these areas. Some parts do not even fit the places they were located into, adding more problems when it comes to cleaning the said parts.

The meat pusher also does not function well because it is too thin and some meat even gets inside it. It is also not very fast when it comes to grinding meat, which often makes it hard to get quality minced or ground meat.

Some even reported air fillers are often seen in some parts of the finished product, indicating that it did not properly mince or grind the meat. The grinder tends to clog up very easily, especially if cutting meats with fats.

Some even complained that it is too noisy when it minces or grinds any type of meat.

On the other hand; some users did stress that this meat grinder is worth the cost and one should definitely buy it if you one needs a meat grinder for  homemade sausages and kibbles.

Setting up the machine, they say, is very easy  because you only have to loosen  the plastic screw on the side, which allows you to see the feeder and the disks.

Once you place the appropriate disk you need for your sausage or grinding, you just plug it in, place the meet you want and turn it on. The feeder – some commented – is actually large enough to give you a lot of space to put in meats and you do not need to cut the meats into smaller pieces.

The plunger also works quite well once it starts cutting and ensures that your meat would go into the grinder quickly. Almost immediately, you would get  3-lb of ground/minced beef for your family.

Others even said they have been able to cut more than 3-lb  of meat in their Gourmia set and it isn’t just meats but chicken and beef. Some even commented that there are no fillers, only quality meat every time.

Meat also does not get stuck in the machine, allowing you to make sure that every meat is cut down properly. The plastic meat pusher is also a great help for some users who like this product because it allows them to push meat easily in the unit and save one’s hands while it grinds or minces.

The attachments are also well-fitted to the machine and allow the users to make their own sausage in all types of textures. Some also said that this system is also very good and very powerful.

Cleaning the machine is also very easy in contrast to what others are saying. One only has to unscrew the plastic screw and remove the feeder and grinder. One only has to use hot soapy water to clean everything.

Once it minces meat of any kind, one can even use the detachable metal food tray to make sure your meat is neatly in place and the non-slip rubber feet makes sure that it does not move around while cutting.

Many of course did love the fact this product is very cheap in comparison to its counterparts from other brands.

The Lowdown

If you are on a budget, getting yourself this Gourmia GMG-400 PrimePro Electric Meat Grinder Mincer is not a bad investment.

It promises quality and substance for your next sausage or kibble experiment and who knows maybe this is your key to finding your dream sausage or kibble you just cannot find anywhere.