Easy To Clean Meat Grinders

Grinding meats can be a very messy job because you are dealing with frozen and raw meat which has sinew, blood and fat that often stick inside the machine.

These residues stick inside the machine and make it hard to clean. Even the scent of raw meat can affect the quality of ground meat that you produce if you do not clean your grinder properly.

Manufacturers of any meat grinder will promise that their meat grinders are easy to clean due to ease of disassembling them,  but are they?

Here are some of the user-approved meat grinders that are actually very easy to clean.

GAME ½ HP 350W Stainless Steel Electric Meat Grinder

This electric meat grinder from GAME has all the accessories you can ask for when it comes to meat grinders, as it has interchangeable stainless steel grinding plates, sausage stuffing funnels, stomper and meat tray to make grinding easy and efficient.

This appliance is also easy to disassemble for cleaning and it comes with all the tools necessary to allow users to remove the gears and other parts to easily clean the grinding plates.

Nesco Professional 380-watt Food Grinder

Nesco’s FG-400PR Professional 380-Watt Cast-Aluminum Food Grinder has earned rave reviews from its  users as they all stress that this meat grinder can be cleaned easily after grinding.

This machine has a 380-watt electric food grinder motor that makes it easy to grind  2.9 lbs of meats per minute. What makes it easy to clean is the fact it is made of die-cast aluminum housing, metal auger and feed tube.

It is also capable of handling five pounds per meat grinding session, making it easy for you to make sausages, patties, spreads or appetizers.

Chard No. 5 Grinder

This small but powerful Chard #5 meat grinder has a large capacity hopper that would help you make hamburgers, sausages, jerkies or anything you can make with a meat grinder without  any difficulty.

Users have said that the system works very well and it is very easy to clean given its size and the features it has. They are also very happy with the fact the price and value of this item are true to promises.

Nesco FG-180 500-Watt Food Grinder, Stainless Steel

The corrosion-resistant stainless steel construction makes this Nesco very easy to clean and maintain for safe operation for years. The 500-Watt motor of this grinder makes it a favorite for those who want to grind huge quantities without encountering any problem.

It has a metal gear box and shaft, which makes the grinding smoother with the three grinding options available for your use.

You can also prevent clogging  thanks to its reverse function and you can also get additional accessories like a food pusher and stuffing attachments for better performance.

Elite Platinum Meat Grinder 550-Watt

Elite Platinum’s Meat Grinder is designed to  grinding quickly and precisely, matching certain specifications that guarantee  the best cuts you grind each and every time.

Its 550-Watt motor and the aluminum die-cast body promises that you will be able to use this machine for a long time and that it would not wear out despite frequent use.

It has a reverse switch to prevent jamming and clogging and it comes with some other attachments you can expect in meat grinders. The reverse switch would also allow you to prevent clogged food from getting stuck in the motor.

Users have stressed that this meat grinder is very easy to clean and you can disassemble it easily to clean the hard-to-reach places.

Weston 33-0201-W Nbr 8 575W Meat Grinder

This small but powerful 575-watt meat grinder from Weston is very versatile as you can grind both wild game and domestic meat with the motor it has.

You will be able to get 3 stainless steel grinding plates for your grinding preferences, a sausage stuffing funnel for sausage making and it is very compact. You also get a stomper and a grinding tray to make grinding easier.

Users are very happy with this grinder, not only because of the quality of its grinding but also because of the value for their money. They love the fact they are able to clean this machine easily even if it is on hand wash only.

There were also no stray residue or meats which would have affected the meats made with this product from continuous use.

Panasonic Electric Meat Grinder

Panasonic MKG20NRW Meat Grinder is one heavy duty meat grinder you can invest in if you are just buying meat grinder for the first time. It has the usual three cutting plates plus additional components and  an 180w motor that would allow you to grind meat easily.

It even has a circuit breaker to protect the entire grinder from power surges. Users have found this unit very easy to clean due to its size and functionality.

It is also very light, making it a big plus for the users who bought it as they could put it on a cabinet when not in use.

Waring Pro MG105 Meat Grinder

Waring has been making good heavy duty meat grinders which can compete with other brands in the  market. It is made of stainless steel, die-cast and plastic which makes it easy to clean after every use.

Aside from the make of the grinder, the reverse function of the grinder allows users to release the clogged food inside the grinder. This function would also ensure that no residue is formed within the grinder to foster the growth of bacteria.

It has  a 500-peak watt  motor, making it capable of grinding tough meats within minutes. You also get 2 sausage attachments when you buy this unit along with  three cutting blades, allowing you to get the kind of stuff you want from this product.

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