This 2.6HP electric meat grinder from Shield Distribution has a powerful peak output of 2000 watts. This heavy duty electric meat grinder features a multi-purpose grater that is packed with three different kinds of cutting accessories that can be used for coarse, medium or fine grinding.

Also, it has an additional kubbe attachment that can be used to make stuffed meat dishes. The accessories and other attachments are all packed safely in their own storage compartment.


Aside that the Shield meat grinder features a very powerful motor, it has a well built appearance and all of its grinding parts are made from aluminum and steel. Compared to grinders made from plastics, this one does not wear easily; additionally, the texture of the meat remains as it is, something that is sometimes a problem with plastic grinders.

No need for hard push, this grinder can work perfectly with just a gentle nudge as this grinder itself can gently pulls the meat in to be ground thanks to its powerful, high-capacity motor

Perfect for grinding homemade pets food, this grinder can also grind bones, frozen or raw meat. Since this 2.6HP meat grinder is made from aluminum and steel, cleaning the grinder is very easy, and assembling and disassembling is a snap.

The entire package comes with a manual that is very easy to follow, and since it comes with additional attachment such as the stuffing accessories, it can do double duty as sausage stuffer as well.


There are a pretty good number of advantages found in this product. Aside from the time savings that all meat grinders share, this electric meat grinder can be used even for frozen or raw meat, and works well when grinding homemade foods for your pets.

Many have tried using this grinder for grinding bones for their pets, and it is said to run very well.

Another highlight of this product is the fact that it has very sturdy construction – any attachments rest in their own dedicated compartment, which keeps some of the smaller attachments from getting lost.

The grinder’s cord can also be kept inside so you won’t have to keep the cord lying around when not in use.

Things to be Aware of

According to user feedback, a few people have found that the product would sometimes not come with the advertised accessories attachments, such as the stuffing tubes, when delivered. Others claimed that this meat grinder is very noisy when used, but still does good work compared to hand grinders.

The loud noise is expected to a degree, especially if you’re grinding a large amount of meat; the oversized plates and cutters within the device are powerful, and can produce a large amount of noise.

Another downside of the product would be the claims of false advertising from the manufacturer. Reviewers have stressed that the product arriving at their homes may not be the same as advertised – instead of 3 blades, others received one; sometimes, others would not receive the kubbe attachments that were supposed to be included.

Other meat grinders like the STX Turboforce have a better reputation for packing the grinder a uniform number of accessories and attachments.

The 2.6HP grinder has been compared favorably to manual grinders in the quality of the end product. Also, given the fact that it has a really strong and powerful motor, this can grind almost every different kind of meat out there.

As compared to the STX Turboforce meat grinders, this grinder is more affordable, although it has a lesser peak power output compared to that of the STX models, it can still perform pretty well when it comes to grinding meat.

Bottom Line

Overall, this meat grinder from Shield Distribution is quite impressive in its construction and performance. The build itself has great engineering; unlike any other meat grinders, this one has own compartment for its accessories and for its cord, which can used for safekeeping after you’re done grinding.

This meat grinder also have a very powerful motor, which makes it more impressive; just as STX meat grinders, this one can also grind almost all kinds of meat – raw or frozen.

Although there are a few flaws, including some claims of false advertising, the product can quite useful if you get the right attachments the first time around. This calls for every customer to keep an eye out for some more useful reviews so you can decide for yourself if this product that is worth the price.

With the additional fact that this meat grinder is generally affordable, it can be a good choice.