Why Buy a Meat Grinder

Are you one of the millions of people who want to make their own hamburgers or sausages at home, but you don’t have the time to chop up cuts of meat and stuff those sausages by hand? In today’s world, you should go out and purchase a meat grinder that would make light of the work. Besides, when it comes to making a burger patty or stuffing a sausage, the main thing is to have your meat minced or ground with the finest texture possible.

Whether we admit it or not, we are guilty of eventually breaking down and buying pre-packaged ground meat at the nearest supermarket – despite not knowing how fresh the ground meat really is. Sometimes we want to make homemade burgers or sausages but feel that cutting meat into small pieces with a mincing knife is just too much work, especially if you’re looking to make a lot of food.

Instead of using a knife to chop up chunks of the meat, consider using a meat grinder instead. A meat grinder, or meat mincer to some, is used to grind different kinds of meat into the smallest size possible. It is usually used for making ground meat for hamburgers and sausages. A meat grinder is a very useful tool in terms of grinding meat because it literally does all the grinding work.

The most important part of a grinder would be its blades or cutters, which do the grinding very quickly. These are usually made from stainless steel, while the rest of the grinder is usually made either from plastic or aluminum. These grinders may be electric, or manual. In an electric grinder, the motor operates the entire machine. While electric grinders are more expensive compared to a manual grinder, electric grinders take grinding to a whole new level. Meanwhile, manual grinders do good the just job as well, but the downside is that you’ll be supplying the power by hand – which can take much of your time.

Advantages of Using A Meat Grinder

There are a lot of advantages to using a meat grinder. When you make ground beef, using a meat grinder can save more time for you, especially if you’re planning on inviting a lot of people over for a barbecue this weekend. You don’t want to end up mincing every bit of meat with a knife in order to make burger patties, do you? Additionally, grinding your own meat lessens the risk of buying ground beef in supermarkets that might have been sitting around for heaven knows how long.

With the use of meat grinder, you can have burger patties that are well-textured compared to pre-packaged meat or even those minced by a knife. If you do not have any meat grinder at home, it is good idea to consider buying one. Meat grinders that are sold commercially often come with additional accessories for stuffing sausages. This makes the entire meat grinder a complete package.

Most grinders nowadays are made from aluminum, which is advantageous compared to plastic as clean-up is much easier. Other grinders on the market are made to be easy to assemble and disassemble; meanwhile, some meat grinders feature precision digital controls as well. Most meat grinders have powerful motors that are capable of grinding almost any kind of meat. However, it is always important to read meat grinder reviews carefully if you are planning to purchase one.

Here’s a list of meat grinders we’ve reviewed for your own consideration.


This electric meat grinder is very powerful with 3000 watts of peak output power. With three speeds – high, low and reverse – this meat grinder also has a circuit breaker for safety purposes.

This meat grinder is considered the most powerful of all! Although this meat grinder is a bit expensive compared to other grinders, it is still a must-buy product because it is built solid and it comes with extra accessories.

Each part of this meat grinder is made not just from a simple but polished cast aluminum. These features include larger grinding head and opening pan sizes.

This meat grinder from STX comes with three different grinding plates, which allow any meat to be ground into fine, medium or coarse textures.

Aside from the grinding plates, which can also help in making the entire grinding process faster, three stainless steel cutting blades mated to the three grinding plates are also included in the package.

Additionally, the meat grinder comes with stuffing tubes, which can be used in making sausages. This high powered grinder can run under 600 watts with no load, and about 800 to 1200 watts under load, that is while grinding meat.

Because this STX meat grinder has a very powerful motor, it is also best for frozen or even raw meats and it still preserves the texture of the ground meat, which is an excellent option for hamburgers or sausages. 

More than that, the grinder can also be used to grind meat or chicken bones to serve as food for pets at home, which is very helpful to many who own a pet that needs to be fed a particular diet.

The grinder has about five to seven parts which are very easy to assemble and disassemble when not in use. Because this meat grinder has a very powerful motor and bigger grinding plates, it is somewhat noisy while the grinding process is going on.

Other than that, this meat grinder is a powerhouse!

STX Turboforce II STX-4000

Another meat grinder from STX is the patented model meat grinder. This electric meat grinder features 2000 watts of powerful peak output.

Similar to the STX 3000 watt model, it also has the three speeds – high, low and reverse – and has a safety circuit breaker that can be used in the event that the machine gets clogged.

What is unique about this meat grinder is that it features a quad air cooling system, which helps keep it cool even after a lengthy grinding session. It also helps to extend the life span of the meat grinder.

As compared to other commercial meat grinders, STX meat grinders also have bigger grinding heads and bigger plates; these features allow larger volumes of meat to be ground very quickly.

Also made from aluminum, the parts of this grinder are very easy to clean and very easy to assemble.

Like all STX meat grinders, this one features three stainless blades that can grind meat into fine, coarse or medium textures as needed, and are accompanied by as many as five grinding plates, and a beaner plate which can be used to stuff sausages.

Completing the package, this STX meat grinder also has additional attachments, including a set of three stuffing tubes and kubbe adapter. The grinder is also packed with an oversized grinding head and a bigger pan opening, which allows a massive volume of meat to be ground.

Unlike other meat grinders, this STX meat grinder grinds meat at a very fast pace.

One main downside of this STX meat grinder would be the loud noise it makes during the grinding process. However, this is actually normal with high powered meat grinders.

Also, a few reviewers have said that the parts are not made completely from aluminum and that some are made from plastics. This was found to sometimes affect the color of the meat.

The same problem has been noted with other STX meat grinders in that some people claim to have found a black fluid being mixed up with the ground meat.

Some feel that this is the result of having a high powered motor meat grinder, with the black fluid coming from motor housing. Whenever this does happen, this can be easily resolved with the help of the manufacturer’s technical support team.

Over all, STX meat grinders remain the powerhouse of meat grinders thanks to the high peak power output and fast performance.

Also, STX grinders are backed up by a three year service warranty.

STX has what it takes to be one of the great choices for meat grinders, with its high powered motor, matching cutters and plates, and as it comes with extra stuffing tubes for making sausage, this grinder is a must buy!

VonShef Digital Meat Grinder

If you do not want to spend much money for a high powered meat grinder, a handy digital meat grinder from VonShef comes with a very affordable price.

Although this one is unlike the other high powered meat grinders, it works well in grinding lesser volumes of meat.

The VonShef digital meat grinder features a digital display window and has three cutting plates with various sizes, 0.1 inch, 0.2 inch and 0.3 inch.

This digital stainless meat grinder also comes with many cutting and stuffing attachments that can be used to make meat or sausage stuffing. It also comes with with a food or meat pusher, making the stuffing meat into the grinder easier.

The parts of this digital meat grinder are also detachable, which makes cleaning it a snap.

Since the product is made from stainless steel, it is advisable that you only use mild soap to clean the separate parts. Otherwise, cleaning the parts with strong solvents may turn them gray.

In fact, except for the food pusher, all other parts are made from stainless steel.

This meat grinder has a pretty solid build and features thoughtful engineering, with every attachment and even the power cord can be stowed in storage compartments to keep them safe.

One more highlight of the product is that it has a low-noise motor compared to the first two meat grinders. This results in much quieter operation while grinding.

Although this is a low powered meat grinder, it still does a good job because the blades of the grinder are very sharp, making grinding very fast and results in perfectly ground meat, especially when used with lean and homemade ground meat.

As compared to other meat grinder products which has high powered motors, this meat grinder from VonShef is more inclined to grinding lean meat, but not to the extent of grinding bones.

The peak output power of this digital meat grinder is only 500 watts, after all – which doesn’t compare favorably to higher-powered models.

Shield 2.6 HP Meat Grinder

Another electric meat grinder that has been making the rounds online is the 2.6HP electric meat grinder from Shield Distribution. This 2.6HP electric meat grinder also has a powerful peak output of 2000 watts.

This is a heavy duty electric meat grinder which features a multi-purpose grater and three different kinds of cutting accessories that can be used for coarse, medium or fine grinding.

Also, it has an additional kubbe attachment that can be used to make stuffed meat dishes.

The accessories and other attachments are all packed safely in their own storage compartments.

Unlike some other meat grinders, this one is made from aluminum and steel, and offers very sturdy construction. Since this model is made from aluminum and not plastic parts, it’s relatively easy to clean.

It also requires little effort to run meat through the grinder, as it can pull the meat into it thanks to the high powered motor suitable for large volumes of meat grinding. 

Perfect for grinding homemade pets food, this grinder can also grind bones, frozen or raw meat. Since this 2.6HP meat grinder is made from aluminum and steel, assembling and disassembling is a snap.

This one is really powerful, and as a result it’s also really loud.

A little warning when purchasing this product: one should only buy from the original distributor, as there have been claims that there has been incorrect advertising of the product in that some accessories and attachments as what has been advertised were not be included in the package.

In some cases, instead of 3 blades some received one, and sometimes others would not receive the included kubbe attachments .

VIVO Sausage Stuffer

The new sausage stuffer from Vivo is designed to make every sausage stuffed simple and snappy. It is best designed of homemade sausages.

The Vivo sausage stuffer features an all metal frame and base, a stainless steel cylinder, and an aluminum plunger with air release valve technology.

It also has all metal high-torque gearing. Because the product is made from aluminum, it can be easily and thoroughly cleaned.

Other features of the product includes cylinder tilts used for make it convenient way for filling or stuffing.

It includes four different plastic nozzles with various sizes; 10 mm ( 0.4 inch), 20 mm (0.79 inch), 30 mm (1.18 inch) and 40 mm (1.57 inch).  

Another highlight of the product would be the metal piston that has a unique air release valve, which allows air to get out from the top on the stuffer rather than getting into the casing of the sausage. 

What is good about this sausage stuffer is that it well built, and can last a long time with proper care. The parts of the stuffer can be disassembled and stowed quickly.

The gears of the sausage stuffer are very smooth and manageable, making them very easy to use. It also has an attached seal on the plunger that prevents any meat from escaping.

The stuffer has excellent stainless steel frame that is secured with a stump screw to keep it strongly attached to the crank gear.

These are just a few of the many available meat grinders sold online. The best thing to do is to look up some additional meat grinder reviews yourself; this way you can choose the meat grinder best for you and your needs.